Master of Divinity Studies at Western Theological Seminary

As the founder and principal doctor at Good Life Chiropractic, Dr. Manfred Alkhas assists patients in San Jose and Campbell, California. In addition to having completed the doctor of chiropractic program at Palmer Chiropractic-West University, Dr. Manfred Alkhas also holds a master of divinity degree from Western Theological Seminary and maintains an active interest in theological and philosophical topics.

Western Theological Seminary offers both in-resident and distance-learning master of divinity programs. This degree track seeks to prepare students for roles in Christian leadership, equipping them with the skills necessary to serve as a spiritual resource and guide. In addition to preparing individuals to serve as ordained ministers, the master of divinity program also provides a foundation for missionary work, social services, pastoral care, chaplaincy, evangelism, and research in theology.

Master of divinity students gain an understanding of the foundations of Christianity through courses such as Old Testament Foundations, Biblical Hebrew, and New Testament Greek. Additionally, program participants also learn valuable ministry leadership skills in several classes, including Engaging Christian Ministry, Practice of Discipleship, and Foundations of Church Planting. As part of the required Formation for Ministry course, the degree program also involves a spiritual-formation retreat as well as completion of a full-time internship.


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