The Paintings of Raphael Santi

Chiropractor Dr. Manfred Alkhas has treated clients at his office, Good Life Chiropractic, in San Jose, California, for more than two decades. In his leisure time, Dr. Manfred Alkhas enjoys drawing in charcoal in the style of the Renaissance period. He considers Raphael Santi his favorite artist.

Admirers of Raphael Santi can view samples of his work in museums such as the National Gallery in London. For those unable to visit the art museum in person, the National Gallery offers an excellent online exhibit of Raphael Santi’s paintings as well as extensive digital collections of artwork by a variety of other artists on its website,

The works of Raphael Santi found on the National Gallery’s website include several of his Madonna-and-child paintings, such as The Ansidei Madonna, The Garvagh Madonna, and The Madonna of the Pinks. Other works shown are The Procession to Calvary and The Mond Crucifixion. Each image on the site is accompanied by detailed information about the historical background of the work.


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