Some Biographical Highlights of Poet Robert Frost

Dr. Manfred Alkhas practices chiropractic medicine at Good Life Chiropractic in Campbell, California. Away from work, Dr. Manfred Alkhas enjoys a wide variety of activities, including reading the works of his favorite poet, Robert Frost.

Born on March 26, 1874, Robert Frost was an American poet originally from San Francisco. By age 11, he moved across the country to Lawrence, Massachusetts. During his high school years, Robert Frost gained an appreciation for reading and writing. Although he enrolled at Dartmouth College and Harvard University, he never earned a degree, opting instead for a variety of occupations, including cobbler and teacher. For a period of time, the poet also served as an editor of the Lawrence Sentinel. In November of 1894, The Independent, a New York newspaper, published Robert Frost’s first poem, My Butterfly.

After marriage and relocating to England, the writer met British poets Rupert Brooke, Robert Graves, Edward Thomas, and Ezra Pound. A strong supporter of Robert Frost, Ezra Pound played an integral role in building awareness of his work. During his residency in England, Robert Frost published A Boy’s Will and North of Boston, both full-length collections.

Before passing away on January 29, 1963, Robert Frost became a notable poet in American history. He published numerous books, including In the Clearing and A Further Range, and won four Pulitzer Prizes.


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