Artificial Sweetners

Do Artificial Sweeteners Protect us from Diabetes


About 15 to 20 years ago when I use to do lectures in our community I cautioned the listeners about the exponential growth of diabetes in adults and kids.  Unfortunately, the disease has now hit all high in all ages and is still growing.  To control the disease many have tried multiple options to decrease blood glucose levels.  One of the major lifestyle changes that I have heard has been to increase the use of artificial sweeteners rather than pure cane sugar to decrease insulin surge.  It is customary now to hear people say, “I’ll have a diet coke for a drink”.  Aspartame, splenda, and saccharine (sweet n’ low) are proving themselves to be more enemies than friends.

According to the recent study published in the Journal of Nature and also noted in Webmd.com1  artificial sweeteners actually increase the blood glucose level more than the natural sugar.  This process happens because the artificial sweeteners actually change the makeup of the intestinal bacterias in the animal’s guts.  When the animal was given natural sugar again, the blood glucose levels dropped to normal levels.  In a nutshell, artificial anything is bad for you.  Stay with natural substances and observe the law of moderation in eating.

Love you all and remember that we are here to serve you whenever you need us !!


Dr. Manfred


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