“Death Begins in Nerves”

I have heard health practitioners say, “Death begins in the colon.”  I disagree strongly.  Colon is an organ comprised of smooth muscles and glands that does what the nervous system dictates.  It is true that lack of toxic filtration can cause life threatening diseases.  Truly, colon malfunction can cause death.  But this logic begs the question of cause behind colon’s malfunction.  Why did the colon get sick and became abnormal in the first place.  The master system behind all other systems is the central nervous system.  When the central nervous system malfunctions then the rest of the systems follow the disease course.  Ultimately, if correction is not made, healing does not happen, and serious health consequences are inevitable.

My point is to slightly redirect your focus regarding health.  Eat well, exercise, be happy, love others, give, see the greater purpose, and continue learning to keep your nervous system healthy.  Once your nervous system functions well the other systems such as muscles, glands, vasculature, bones, and individual organs will follow like well maintained machines.  That is the eternal unchanging verity of health law.  Focus on the master system-the central nervous system.  Feed it good food, exercise it regularly, and save it from any injurious traumas, may it be psychological or physical.  Once you have the main idea, the rest follows.


Dr. Manfred Alkhas  M.Div., D.C.

Founder and the Treating Doctor at:

Good Life Chiropractic

280 E. Hamilton Ave. Ste E.

Campbell, Ca   95008


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