Back Pain

Back Pain


The most important system in human body is the Central Nervous System.  The CNS includes the spine and the brain.  The rest of the nervous system is called the Peripheral Nervous System.  It is within the CNS that identity, beliefs, attitude, behavior and the control of every other system and organ in human body is neurologically regulated.  All the other systems in human body exist to maintain the integrity and health of the Central Nervous System.  This system is protected and nourished by the skull and the vertebral column of the skeletal system.  The movement of the skull and the vertebrae allow fluid circulation in the Central Nervous System.  Once the motion of the skull and the vertebral column is compromised, the health of the Central Nervous System is at risk.  Any misalignment or fixation of the bone in the vertebral column that causes nerve dysfunction is called Subluxation.

Subluxation of the spine can cause back pain and nerve dysfunctions such as sciatic pain.  If left untreated, subluxation of the spine can lead to more degenerative diseases that may be permanent.  Degenerative Disc Disease is the most common condition that follows spinal subluxation and causes destruction of the disc in between the vertebrae and possible impingements of spinal nerve roots that exit the spinal cord to provide essential neurological information to the rest of the body.

If you are dealing with any form of back or neck pain, please feel free to use our website to increase your knowledge regarding the conditions which you may be suffering from.  It is absolutely important for you to take any form of back pain very seriously, for it involves the most delicate and essential system of your body, the Central Nervous System.  At Good Life Chiropractic we provide the most advanced and holistic approach to treating acute and chronic spinal conditions.  We also strongly recommend that you call our office and have a free consultation before you make any decisions regarding your spinal health.  We take your health very seriously and hope to be part of your success story.


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Dr. Manfred Alkhas M.Div., D.C.

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