Some of the most grateful chiropractic patients began their spinal alignment journey at pregnancy.  During this transitional time of life, a woman’s body experiences major hormonal and biomechanical changes that can cause mental and physical stress.  It is during this time that the weight of the fetus begins to weigh upon the mother’s spine and change the dynamics of her spinal alignment. These changes can cause major subluxations (vertebral misalignments) that can lead to joint inflammation or even nerve impingements.

One of the most well-studied hormones that causes joint laxity is the Relaxin hormone.  Relaxin hormone is known to rise during the first trimester of pregnancy.  The peak levels of Relaxin hormone are experienced during the 14 weeks of the first trimester and at delivery.  The primary function of this hormone is to soften the pelvic ligaments to open the way for the baby to glide through the birth canal.  At this point, the pubic symphysis joint is softened and the iliac crest bones of the hips have fanned out backward to allow for the needed extra space.  Unfortunately, this softening of the ligaments creates instability in the entire spine, especially at the low back and hip regions.  It is at this stage of pregnancy that the mother is prone to bone misalignments and nerve impingements.  Thus, these treatments are essential in promoting wellness during pregnancy:


  1. Proper pregnancy adjustments to ensure spinal alignment
  2. Pregnancy exercises to strengthen core muscles and spinal stability
  3. Good nutrition, especially minerals, for tendons and ligament rehabilitation


Pregnancy should be one of the most rewarding and positive experiences of life.

Do not let pain and discomfort make pregnancy a nightmare.  Many of our patients have come to believe in the benefits of chiropractic through pregnancy treatments.  They testify that their pregnancies with chiropractic care were much easier and positive than the pregnancies without the care.  If you have any questions regarding this topic or want to begin your chiropractic care due to pregnancy discomforts, feel free to call us for a thorough evaluation.  It is noteworthy to state that majority of our pediatric patients (child patients) started chiropractic care before birth, in the womb, when the mother started pregnancy adjustments.


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