Herbs for Weight Loss

Dr.’s Notes:   Herbs for Weight Loss                                    

One of the most common questions I receive from patients involves using herbs for weight loss.  We all want to find a natural, easy, and a safe way to lose weight without hours of exercising.  The answer to this desire is, “dream on”.  However, unlike Aerosmith’s song, “dream on until your dream comes true”, this dream is not happening anytime soon.  The simplest way to lose weight using pill-form has proven to be very damaging to the human body.  As for now, sensible diet and exercise seems to be the method of choice.

However, there are still some natural products you can use to induce better metabolism without any side effect.   Probably the best natural product to increase metabolism is coffee.  Coffee does stimulate metabolism and the recent research shows that it helps in maintaining good blood glucose level.  Off course, the problem seems to be the addictive nature, and the side-effects of coffee.  Anything beyond two cups seems to affect our function such as mood, sleeping patterns, and cardiac rhythm.  Drinking coffee can also be calorically high.   To make the bitter taste of coffee delicious many add a lot of creamer and sugar that cancels the metabolic goodness of coffee.  One can easily add up 40-80 calories of sugar and creamer to make coffee desirable.

The other herbs that may help in weight loss is green tea.  Green tea seems to have the specific antioxidants that help increase metabolism.   However low it may be, one must again, take into consideration the issues of caffeine when drinking green tea.  Seaweed or kelp is a natural metabolic stimulant.  Although I do not like having my hyperactive thyroid patients take kelp because it does stimulate the thyroid gland.  Ginseng, Nettle, and Hoodia herbs are potent herbs for weight loss.  It is noteworthy to state, that Hoodia, (aka, Hoodia Gordonii) works by suppressing the appetite, not increasing metabolism. Having said all this, I will go back to my old unyielding position of good diet and exercise.  Call, email, or just set an appointment with us to discuss any questions.   We feel better when you feel better.  So don’t just “dream on”, make it happen.

Dr.  Manfred Alkhas M.Div., D.C.
Good Life Chiropractic


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